GPS Tracking

Start Tracking, Start Knowing

With a fully integrated school bus telematics software and hardware solution, you get real-time tracking information that alerts you to problems before they occur.

Know the Whole Story

Get real-time tracking information that lets you see where your buses are and historical data to help you refine your planning later. 

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    Designed for true two-way communication with routing and planning software

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    Enhance your maps and planning using actual data gathered on the road

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    View GPS data for any or all vehicles in your fleet in real-time

What if you could know about problems when they start, instead of after they happen?

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  • Improve Your Communication by Integrating Parent Portal With Our GPS Solution

    Parents and student riders need information about their bus ride to and from school and they want it now. Give your community a higher level of service and peace of mind with a mobile app that keeps the right people informed at all times.

Don't Settle for Just When and Where

Enjoy real success in making your transportation operation more effective and help put money back into the classroom.

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    Make Your Job Simple

    Locating a bus can tell you part of the story. The ability to quickly drill down and access critical details regarding a specific intersection, all buses serving a specific school, or buses with user-defined search criteria completes the picture.

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    Comparative Analysis

    Comparative Analysis means you can manage your system by exception, allowing you to spot when a bus is running early or late, goes off your routing plan, or a stop is not serviced.

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    Quick and Easy Implementation

    Once your GPS hardware is installed on the school bus, access to real-time GPS data is available immediately. It’s that simple!

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    Simply the Best, No Exceptions

    Transportation departments have all of the GPS data they need available at their fingertips to answer questions and solve problems on the fly.

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