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Athena Routing

A Game-Changing Solution

Introducing a cloud-based routing management solution designed for school districts of any size. Perform, plan, communicate, and manage all daily and long-term busing activities with intuitive, easy-to-use workspaces customized for each user and role. Quickly act upon changing circumstances and know with certainty what buses are doing at all times.

Planning Is the First Step Towards Savings

Solutions that make routing simple.

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    Athena integrates with your Student Information System, pulling and populating your transportation rosters, eligibility, and more based on your district's daily records.

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    Drag and Drop Simplicity

    Easily select and assign multiple students to stops, quickly assign stops to runs, and do it all right from your map. Performing your most common routing tasks is simple.

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    Better, Faster, Stronger

    Athena's intuitive interface lets you work graphically on your customizable maps or with a spreadsheet and form style interface to ensure that your workflow is comfortable and familiar.

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    Parent Portal

    A secure communication platform that gives parents accurate, real-time busing information with the benefits of instant messaging and alerts, two-way communication, and a user interface with tremendous appeal.

What if your school district's routing software required less work, not more?

See how your district benefits with Athena.

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  • Enhance the Visibility of Your Fleet With Our GPS Solution

    Use real-time tracking to compare your planned school bus routing data with what’s actually happening on the ground. 

Your Portal to a New World of Excellence

Athena offers everything that you need for safe, efficient, economical student transportation management, without the need to open separate applications or use non-integrated software from two or more vendors. It is all backed by more than 40 years of experience and the innovation that only Edulog can provide.

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    Your everyday routing tasks are now more efficient than ever

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    Find the best school bus routes with responsive tools

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    Browser-based for ease of access and use

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    Trustworthy reports and analytics to improve everything, from your daily plans to your transportation operation overall

Total, Seamless Integration

An integrated suite of route management, planning, reporting, telematics, and a parent app.

Screenshot: Athena AVL Templates
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    GPS/AVL Data in Routing

    Generate AVL templates from the paths driven by your vehicles. Compare your plan to what actually happens on the road. 

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    Transportation Requests

    Athena integrates with your Student Information System and the Parent Portal app so that you can streamline processing requests (managing by exception in many instances), manage student itineraries, and quickly generate bus passes.

Screenshot: Athena Transportation Request
Screenshot: Parent Portal Transportation Request
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    What-If Scenarios

    Stay prepared by creating and testing alternate plans in a sandbox environment that seamlessly converts into your operational routing plan when you're ready.

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    Instant Results

    Visualize the impact of small changes and optimize on the go.

Screenshot: Athena Change Confirmation
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    Run Directions

    Your turn-by-turn directions are generated in real-time as you work.

Screenshot: Athena Run Directions

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