Parent Portal

Reduce Overhead Costs and Relay Information to Parents

Parents everywhere are demanding access to transportation information, from bus and stop information, to the near real-time location of their child’s bus. Parents will have the information they need in the palm of their hands. 

Where's My Bus?

Allow parents to follow their bus on a real-time map and stay up-to-date with notifications when that bus nears the bus stop or a custom alert zone.

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Transportation Lookup

  • Multiple Students

    Within the same application, parents will have access to information for each of their children through one secure login.

  • Planned Pick-up and Drop-Off

    Provide parents with peace of mind by allowing them to access their planned transportation data.

  • Custom Alerts

    Parents can adjust the radius of their alert zones to receive notifications based on their preferences.

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Providing Critical Data to Parents

Parents want on-demand access to transportation information —and we give you the key to doing just that, effortlessly, reliably, and accurately.

  • Icon: Automation

    School Startup

    Ensure the most efficient and reliable school opening. Reduce phone calls to your transportation department by up to 75%.

  • Icon: Notifications

    Real-Time Alerts

    Communicate proactively, not reactively. Parent Portal integrated with our GPS tracking system lets parents know when their child's bus enters custom alert zones. 

  • Icon: Messaging

    Instant Communication

    Message parents individually, by bus, route, school, or customized groups.

  • Icon: Security


    Parents access their children's transportation information with a unique, safe, and secure login. 

  • Icon: Plug and Play

    Easy Implementation

    Plug-and-play solution with instant and accurate-to-bus information for both the district and parents.

  • Icon: Growth

    Routing and GPS

    Start simple and grow with us to more advanced features. Our app works with your existing routing and GPS. No routing software? No GPS? No problem!

Designed for school districts of any size

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If you have a technical question and work for a school district, please contact Edulog support. If you are a parent or caregiver, please contact your district's transportation office if you are having trouble.

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  • Improve Your Transparency by Integrating Parent Portal With Student Ridership

    What if improving student safety and transportation efficiency took one simple card swipe? When you use СƵ Student Ridership with Parent Portal, you get scanned data in the app when students board and disembark the bus. 

Give Your Community What it Asks For

Just having GPS is not enough to meet the demands of modern school transportation—you must have a way to broadcast this information in real-time to parents.

  • Icon: Transportation Change Requests

    Ride Registration

    Provide parents with the ability to opt-in for transportation and request changes to their child’s current plan. Route for those riders that actually need it.

  • Icon: Cloud Data Distribution

    Stop Change Notifications

    Make changes to a route that changes stop times for 15 children? The app automatically sends notifications to those parents with the new planned stop time. No mailers required.

  • Icon: Artificial Intelligence

    Smart Substitution

    Don’t provide parents inaccurate information. Utilize Smart Substitution to quickly reassign vehicles and substitute buses when an unassigned bus is running a route.

  • Icon: Custom Projects


    Build your own parent app. Parent Portal is feature-rich with the ability to toggle on-and-off the components that fit your needs. You can control when buses are visible to parents in the application.

Don't Just Take Our Word for It

“Parent Portal is a wonderful application... When I went to the Superintendent about the app, she was on board… Because of the support in the district and also by Edulog I was able to change all of the [GPS] units out and roll out the Parent Portal for the parents for the start of school. This is a game-changer. I thought nothing could beat WebQuery. Parent Portal does.”

  • George Ramplin

    Supervisor of Transportation, School District of Haverford Township, PA

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